Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Beautiful Orchid in Flower

Cattleya loddigesii

This wonderful orchid is the "Orchid of the Day" from the Santa Barbara Orchid Estate for August 1, 2017.
The Santa Barbara Orchid Estate grows and sell hundreds of different orchids. Check out their website at www.sborchid.com

"One of the most beautiful of the bifoliate Cattleyas! Since it grows happily as an epiphyte (tree grower) and lithophyte (rock grower) in its native habit it can be grown either potted in stones and bark, or mounted to a tree or bark slab.Temperature Tolerant. August - September blooming. Species from Brazil and Argentina."
Information and orchid photograph from www.sborchid.com 

Enjoy the day with plants, flowers and orchids!!

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