Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easy Houseplants for Anyone to Grow

Aglaonema Firecracker

Top Ten Easy Care Houseplants 

As an interior landscape technician for more than 20 years, I have learned which indoor tropical plants are the best houseplants. When you work in the interior plant care industry, plant care is what you do all day and everyday. Dealing with plants that are in less than optimal growing conditions has become second nature. You also learn which plants are most adaptable and durable under adverse growing conditions.

These are some of the most commonly used plants in the interior landscape industry and for good reason. Check links for more specific plantcare information.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Chinese Evergreen Houseplant Care

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty - Question from Linda

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty
What could be wrong with my #aglaonema emerald beauty #plant if some of the leaves have started turning yellow. My plant is also a lot less full than it used to be. I am not sure how to prune it. Do I prune the leaves from the top to help the bottom get full again. Do I need to use new soil?
Here are some photos of my plant. I have had it for at least 5 years. It used to be much fuller and healthier. My watering has been pretty consistent. It has been in a bay window which faces a covered patio.

Aglaonema Emerald Beauty - Houseplant Answer

Thanks for the pix. This is assuming it is not a problem from too much water...

You can, and should, cut back a stalk or two of an aglaonema every once in a while. I would cut back the most bare, or the tallest and (or) anything that seems to be falling over. Just cut the stalk, about 2-3 inches above the soil level. You can root the cut stalk(s) in water or moist sand if you like propagating your plants.

I am not sure what that is I am seeing on the top soil. Is it a crusty buildup of some kind or you have pebbles on the top? Or maybe it is old moss? Anyway, if that is soil you should remove it, then if you can remove the plant and rootball from the pot without damaging the plant, add fresh soil to the bottom of the grow pot, (check the roots while you have the plant out and make sure they aren't rotting or anything) then replace plant in the pot and add soil around the sides and just a little on the top. That will give your plant some fresh nutrients.

Remove any yellow leaves and continue regular care. It really looks okay considering it is five years old. It is a good habit to prune back the plant a little every year or 2 just to keep some new growth at the base of the plant. You will end up with a fuller plant in the long run. If you let it grow taller and taller, it will lose the lower leaves and fall over eventually.
You can let it grow tall if you want, that is your decision.

The leaf loss may just be normal. If it continues, really check your watering as that is often the problem with houseplants. Checking the roots to make sure there is a lot of firm healthy roots will tell you alot. If the roots are minimal, you may be keeping too wet. It usually takes some time for problems with too frequent watering to show up. Unlike underwatering where you will see immediate wilting.

Make sure you are checking the soil before you water if you don't already It will make a difference.

Thanks for visiting and let me know how she does!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Pothos Houseplants

Question from Kate...
Pothos Marble Queen

 I'm wondering if there is any way to revive a pothos plant? I received it in beautiful, healthy condition - about 6 vines? ranging from 1-3ft long. I promptly left it in my un-garaged car for 3 days in 30-50 degree temps. I remembered it, brought it inside, watered it but many of the leaves & vine stems are now dark green & limp - not completely wilted, but getting there. I feel awful and am hoping it can be resurrected. Any advice will be very much appreciated, as is this forum -thank you!


Hi Kate,

The best advice I can offer would be to cut back the vines and hope there was no root damage. If the roots are okay the plant should regrow. The damaged foliage will not recover and needs to be removed, in any case. I know many people balk at cutting their plants back. In my experience, the plants that I keep pruned on a regular basis are also the best looking plants. Pruning promotes new growth and new growth is healthier and better looking than older, faded leaves.
Usually, I would prune a few vines at a time but since most of the foliage is damaged, now would be the time to cut them back. Leave a few leaf nodes on each vine. If the vines are damaged, you should cut them back.

If you don't want to cut back the vines, you need to, at least, remove all of the damaged leaves with stems. Give proper watering and light. (no direct sun) Then wait and see what happens.

Hope your Pothos houseplant recovers and does well.

Thanks for visiting the website and let me know if I can be of any further help to you..

Friday, April 4, 2014

Creative Houseplant Container Ideas

Creative Container Ideas
It can be difficult to find that perfect container for your #indoor plants and even your #outdoor #plants. Some of us like to use the old standards such as terracotta, ceramic and plastic or even those old oak barrel containers.

However, sometimes it is fun to be really creative. I have seen plant enthusiasts use an old porcelain toilet or tub to display their pretty plants and flowers in the front yard. Recycling old items is a great way to avoid waste and creatively contain your houseplants and exterior plants. Just be aware of concerns with water leakage. You may need to line some items to avoid drips, leaks and water damage.

Here are some cute and creative ideas for planting that you may not have thought about before. Take a look at these interesting ideas and pictures for planting succulents and cactus from ...

One of the favorite succulents for use as an indoor houseplant is the Sanseveiria or Snake Plant. Come read more about this fantastic, easy-care indoor plant at There are lots of ideas for caring for your houseplants and keeping them healthy. Personal houseplant care help is also available, if you need some specific advice. Thanks for visiting and have a great day!